Specialized in knitted fabric clothing

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Established in 1996 

We provide a complete productive cycle for clothing manufacturing  all the while complying with international quality standards and meeting the requirements of the popular European fashion brands.

Green Environment



To date, we have achieved significant success in implementing the “Green Production” plan. The most important is the use of recycled materials in the production process and transition to renewable energy sources.

The use of secondary raw materials gives us the opportunity to reduce the environmental intensity of production and to preserve natural materials intact and safe.

In addition, due to the intensive use of recycled materials, we managed to reduce the amount of industrial waste. Now, this process takes an important role in our production process.

It is in our plans to establish the production of packaging products for clothes from waste that arise during the production of these clothes. Waste-free production will allow us to come closer to the ideal functioning of the “Green Production” plan.


In our company all the manufacturing stages comply with ISO 9001. This control system helps to manage and improve many technological processes.

Thanks to this, our products meet international standards and are valued on the market. Quality control at each stage simplifies production and helps ensure that final products meet international quality criteria. It also guarantees that the processes used to design, check and manufacture products are performed correctly.

For us, each piece of clothing is unique, so quality control is a stage that allows the use of an individual approach for every item and also makes impossible the delivery of defective or technically less-than-perfect products to the client.